Mommy Wants a Timeout

In which I contemplate absurd moments in parenthood, occasionally attempt to refer to myself as a “triathlete” while keeping a straight face, and maybe post some random pictures of stuff I’m knitting


I know I haven’t blogged in like eight months, and I really should be doing housework or going for a run right now, but I was just playing with my iPhone and came across some haikus I wrote a couple years ago…Can’t remember when or why (Waiting for my car to be serviced? Hanging out at the park with my son?) but they made me smile, so I’ll share them with anyone who might still be out there:

Running through the park
Don’t step on doggie poo poo
Crap! My iPod died

Skinny hipster dudes
with tattoo sleeves drink lattes
and walk tiny dogs

You ate your veggies
And went poop on the potty
Now please go to sleep

He rolls eyes at me
and turns back to the TV
Wife, give me some peace

There you go! Hope you enjoyed them as much as I probably enjoyed writing them; I honestly don’t remember doing it! (Waiting at the doctor’s office? Sitting in traffic?) Share your own if you’ve got ’em!

More silliness happening here!

More silliness happening here!


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