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Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon Race Report

Here’s a link to my online race report, if you’re interested:

It was another gorgeous day for a race! I was suffering from a little bit of a sore throat, but wasn’t sick enough to feel like my energy was affected. The water was the perfect temperature (75) and calm, so except for a massive navigation blunder, the swim was lovely. (I even PRd, even though I probably added 75 yards to my distance by going off-course and having to redirect myself!) As I knew coming in to this race, the bike course had some monster hills, but I took it as easy as I could, and even managed to pass a few people on the uphill climbs. (They were mostly people riding mountain bikes, but I’m such a slow cyclist I’ll take whatever I can get!) The run also had some really steep hills, and I definitely felt the burning in my chest towards the end, but I was happy with my performance. (I don’t believe my official 5K time of 25:47; I think I was actually more in the 28 minute range. There may have been a timing snafu somewhere in my 2nd transition, but I can’t prove it so I guess I’ll just leave the official record there for posterity!)

In hindsight, given a couple out-of-town trips in the last 2 weeks, and the fact I was a little under the weather, I’m pretty grateful that I opted to do the sprint instead of the Olympic distance this time around. In fact, I was tired enough at the finish line I couldn’t even imagine still being on the course for another hour and a half or longer! With luck that thought won’t be so overwhelming in 7 weeks when the Portland Tri rolls around!

Gonna take it easy the next couple days, then get back to work!


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2 thoughts on “Hagg Lake Sprint Triathlon Race Report

  1. IMPRESSIVE! Great job, Marty! A 25 min 5k time?? I would so own that! 😉

    • I’m totally owning last month’s 25:31 on the relatively flat Blue Lake course…I’m pretty sure my transition time got subtracted from my run time at Hagg Lake. My watch thought I did 28 or so, assuming I started it where I was supposed to…Seemed more like what I expected given some pretty big hills!

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