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To a Dear, Dear Friend

I’m sorry for the departure from my usual trivial content, but I’ve just got to get this out.


For all the time you spent curled up in my lap, sharing your warmth with me (even though I know your motivations were purely selfish.)

For all the comic relief (like the time you jumped into the wall mirror, thinking it was an opening into another room. Or that time you misjudged the distance to the top of the refrigerator, and fell into a huge dish of olive oil.)

For putting up with a toddler grabbing handfuls of your fur and pulling on your tail, and giving only the mildest of meows in rebuke.

For the way you always held out hope that that same toddler would someday learn to pet you just right, and so never gave up rubbing against him and purring.

For catching that mouse under the coffee table (even though I have a sneaking suspicion you brought it in from the garage in the first place.)

For that piercing yowl you would use to demonstrate your part-Siamese ancestry, usually in the early morning hours when the rest of the house was sound asleep.

For greeting guests at the door as if you were a friendly dog, not a noble housecat.

For the house-wide presence of vacuum-resistant cat fur that will remind us of you long after you have left this earth.

For those big, beautiful green eyes that seem to imply an intelligence that, unfortunately, you never actually manifested.

For the absolute ecstasy you demonstrated whenever someone scratched your chin.

For the way you would find the softest part of my body, usually my belly, and knead your paws in it until you were hypnotized.

For all these reasons and more, your passing leaves a hole in my heart that, I’m sure, will never quite heal. I love you and will miss you terribly.

R.I.P. Caliban, 2001-2012

R.I.P. Caliban, 2001-2012


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