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I Fried My Garmin, and Other Stories From the Week

Sometimes when I unplug my Garmin Forerunner from the computer after logging my run, it gives me a rude message about always ejecting something “properly,” along with a promise to “attempt to repair the damage” caused by my negligence the next time I plug it in. Ironic, considering the “proper” way to eject it is apparently to find it in the Finder menu and select eject, and my Garmin NEVER shows up in the Finder menu.

Anyway, after my run on Thursday, my online training log wasn’t acknowledging my Garmin, so I unplugged and plugged it back in a couple times, hoping to spark a glimmer of recognition. I got no mean messages from my computer about ejecting it improperly, but on the third attempt the watch face went blank, and hasn’t spoken to me since. Oops. I guess I’m back to estimating my run distances with online mapping software until I get this figured out.

In other training news, the family and I went camping out at Cove Palisades State Park last weekend, and I brought my wetsuit along for a practice swim in Lake Billy Chinook. Brrr!!! The water felt just as cold as Blue Lake back in June when I nearly bailed out in panic. It took me about 10 minutes just to be able to put my face in the water, and I swam for about 20 minutes before my arms felt too frozen to carry on. I’m seriously thinking I might need a wetsuit with sleeves if I can’t find some warmer waters to swim in.

No running on the camping trip…I was too busy eating s’mores. We did some hiking, at 4-year-old pace, and managed to avoid rattlesnakes while seeing funny blue-tailed lizards and cute bunnies. The kiddo made it his goal to climb every boulder he could find, alongside the other kids who took the trip with us.

Seriously, this is totally safe, I promise.

Now we’re back, and fall is definitely in the air. I’m torn between relief that I don’t have to exercise in the heat, and dread that soon I’ll be bundling up in gloves, polar fleece, and ear warmers when I head out for a run. It’s also the official end to the triathlon season, as the Portland Tri is being held this morning. I toyed with the idea of signing up for the sprint, then decided I really wasn’t ready yet and didn’t need the stress. It was the right decision, but it still leaves me a little disappointed that the closest thing to a tri I did this year was that aqua-bike back in June. But the running is getting easier every day, so I’ll just concentrate on getting stronger and staying injury-free over the winter. With any luck, come next summer I’ll be back in the game!

All together in front of Lake Billy Chinook


What Mommy’s Been Up to Lately…

Obviously, not blogging! So here’s a quick summary of my activities since I last acknowledged my blog’s existence:

Swimming! After this spring’s open water disaster, I decided it was time to rethink my swimming form and training techniques. I checked out the book “Total Immersion” by Terry Laughlin and prepared to revolutionize my swimming with a whole new philosophy (That’s what the book’s cover promises, anyway.) What I found was not so much revolutionary, but some really practical concepts related to swimming efficiency that have helped me get past the feeling that, in order to swim faster, I must make my arms go faster. My rotation in the water has improved, my breathing has become much easier, and I’ve reduced the number of strokes per length of the pool from 20 to 18, all without sacrificing any speed (or finishing the book, for that matter. I was only halfway through when it was due back at the library.)

Biking! Finally got that bike fit I so desperately needed. My backaches: Gone! My knee pain: Gone! The pain in my tush: Worse! Apparently, when your bike fits properly, you sit directly on your seat bones, and if your saddle isn’t right, you end up with a bruised butt. So I think it’s time to go back and visit my friendly neighborhood bike fitter (He really is friendly, and not intimidating at all, though, I kid you not, he goes by the name Rambo) and check out some new saddles. After all, a 12-mile bike ride should not cause me trouble with sitting for 3 days afterward.

Running! The foot is holding up just fine, and after 2 months, the heart and lungs are starting to catch up. My best effort yet over 3 miles is a humbling 11:11 minutes/mile, but I’m okay with that for right now. It was a 3 1/2 month layoff, after all. Still, hard to believe I ran a half-marathon in February, given my current lack of endurance.

Gardening! I’ve picked over 50 pounds of produce from my very own veggie garden so far this summer. The hits? Sugar snap peas…They’ve been gone since July, but they were far and away the most popular item for 4-year-olds and their mommies to eat straight off the vine this year. Tomatoes, especially the cherry ones, are also quite popular, and while zucchini as a veggie has been unpopular in the preschool set, zucchini bread is a smash hit. But green beans…Oh, am I ever tired of green beans. Note to self for next year: 5 rows of green beans is 3 rows too many.

This guy loves his veggies!

Knitting! Oh, dear Lord, how I’ve knitted. I’m using my triathlon training to give my hands a rest right now, since I’m pretty sure the tradeoff for letting my foot injury heal this spring was carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists from time spent on the couch knitting sweaters.

Tweeting! Okay, this has only been going on for a couple days. But if you’re interested, I’d love to pick up more than one follower! @MartyInTimeout

Hope you are enjoying the end of summer, and welcoming the fall! Off I go to see if I can improve on that 11-minute mile!

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