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When Monsters Threaten…

We have a pest problem in our house. We can’t see ’em, we can’t hear ’em, but we know they’re there. At least, one of us knows it. According to the kiddo, the monsters in his closet are the reason he can’t go to sleep at night.

Since the kiddo sleeping is key to my health and well-being, this problem called for an immediate solution. I was at a loss; monster repellent (a.k.a., air freshener) was proving ineffective, as were the nightly monster inspections my husband and I were performing. Then the preschool director had the brilliant idea of asking the child himself what he thought would work. Without hesitation, he declared, “Robot Monster Guards.”

Thus, a craft project was born.

A robot engineer, hard at work.

The Robot Monster Guards in their final form.

We stuck ’em in the closet, and so far, so good…Not a single complaint about monsters for three whole nights. Now, if only we had a solution to that annoying darkness-at-night issue, all our problems would be solved. (Please don’t suggest a night light…He already has three.)


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