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In which I contemplate absurd moments in parenthood, occasionally attempt to refer to myself as a “triathlete” while keeping a straight face, and maybe post some random pictures of stuff I’m knitting

The Pressure is On…

My blog has been in a state of semi-hibernation for the last month, because of my injury, subsequent lack of training stories or race reports, and general absence of creativity. It seems as though the lazier my body is, the lazier my mind becomes.

So you can imagine my surprise when Strong at the Broken Places nominated my blog for a Liebster Award last month! I’m grateful and humbled by this award, not least because it means I have an INTERNATIONAL audience (Canadian), and the blogger who nominated me is one of my favorites…A funny, self-deprecating aspiring triathlete with a literary bent.

I’m also a bit overwhelmed now, since part of accepting this award means I have to “pay it forward” to 5 other “read-worthy blogs with 200 followers or less”…This shouldn’t be too hard, except that I’m not actually that much of a blog reader. I follow a few, and check in occasionally on a few more, but most of my internet time consists of checking on friends’ Facebook status updates, deleting spam from my Yahoo account, and logging my workouts on .

This means the pressure is on! So here are a few blogs I really enjoy. I will pay forward my Liebster Award to them, and hope that they can pass it on as well.

Colene, in Training. I’ve followed this blog from its beginning, when its author was a novice runner who had just set her sights on completing her first marathon. I may be slightly biased because Colene is an acquaintance of mine from high school, but I find her story of how running has helped her overcome major life crises and transform herself into a strong, confident single mom to be really inspiring.

Another blog I love, which also belongs to a couple acquaintances from my pre-mommy rock climber days, is M&M Heads. Do you ever wish you could quit work, throw some camping gear in a van, and set off on a road trip throughout some of the most beautiful places in the United States? Well, Matt and Michelle did just that, and they’re hiking, rock climbing, and sharing beautiful pictures while they’re at it. They’re also sharing some funny and insightful anecdotes about what it means to share tiny living space, and some amazing adventures, with the one you love.

When I’m training for a triathlon, I like reading about other people who are also training for triathlons. Elisa is an amateur triathlon, like me, who gets nervous before races, like me, and shares her training and race reports, a lot more consistently than me.

I’m going to leave it at three nominations for now, as several of my other favorite blogs (Trigrandmatry, Strong at the Broken Places) have already received Liebster awards.

And, even though he’s not eligible for a Liebster, since too many people already adore and follow his blog, I’m going to mention A Fat Man’s Journey, because I find this blog to be one of the most sincere, inspiring, and touching personal stories I’ve found online. His weight-loss journey is admirable enough, but he brought me to tears the other day with this post about his son.

I hope you check out some of these blogs, and enjoy them as much as I do!

Coming up soon: Blue Lake Aqua-Bike race report, MRI results for my foot, and my ongoing quest to eradicate the monsters hiding in my son’s closet.


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2 thoughts on “The Pressure is On…

  1. Thanks for the mention! Hope the MRI comes out ok!

  2. Thank you for the nod! I appreciate the nomination. I have to get working on mine. All the best to you!

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