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Angst, Angst, and More Angst

My foot hurts. Really hurts…Not in the “I’ve been spending a little too much time on my feet” kind of way, but more like “Oh, this is how Julie Dibens must have felt when she dropped out of the run leg at Ironman Kona.” It aches all along the outside, a little bit on top in front of my ankle, and when I flex it (as when walking.)

This is a problem. You see, I have now completed three months of half marathon training, and my race is scheduled for Sunday. 10 and 12 mile long training runs? Check. 6 mile tempo runs? Nailed them! Everything should be in order to complete my first 13.1 in a few short days, and then BOOM! I put on my cute but poorly-fitted and completely unsupportive (but did I mention, very cute?) black boots after my 9-miler on Sunday, then strolled around the grocery store. All of a sudden, the mild, nagging ache that’s been barely noticeable for 6 weeks flared up into a pain so bad I was limping my way back out to the parking lot. Oh, vanity, you will be the death of me.

Three days and multiple icings later, (“You’re not going to make me eat those frozen peas later, are you?” asks the husband), the foot feels a tiny bit better, but still moans and groans if I walk around barefoot for too long. On the plus side, it seems to do okay if I’m laced into very supportive footwear. (My vanity is really suffering right now.) On the minus side…Well, 13.1 miles seemed like a really long distance when my body felt pretty good overall. Now that I’m injured, I really don’t know what to think.

So what do I do? Do I give it a shot on Sunday, and bail if it hurts too much? Do I skip it altogether, and forfeit my entry fee? So disappointing to even think about that, after all the work I’ve put in…I was really, REALLY hoping to check this off my list before triathlon season starts. As of now, my plan is 3 days of total rest (well, I’m going to swim, but I don’t think that counts), then an easy run on Thursday to test it out. If the foot holds up inside my super-stability running shoe, then I think I’ll cross my fingers and go for it. If it hurts too much…Well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there, I guess.

In the meantime, the adorable black boots are in time-out indefinitely. As are the ballet flats and anything with high heels…And this is almost as sad to me as the thought of missing out on my race. (Okay, not really, but I do love my shoes.) Stay tuned to find out whether I run the half or not, and whether I end up back on speaking terms with my boots. Also, feel free to chime in with any injury-recovery advice!

Be nice to your feet...Or they will rebel and make you miserable.

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3 thoughts on “Angst, Angst, and More Angst

  1. Give it a shot, but listen to the body and bail if it hurts.
    Important thing is you start, give you a taste for it for the next one…

    • Thanks for the support! That’s definitely the approach I’m leaning towards right now. If I don’t even start it, I think the “what ifs” are going to haunt me for a long time. If I start it and have to bail, at least I’ll know I stopped for a good reason.

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