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In which I contemplate absurd moments in parenthood, occasionally attempt to refer to myself as a “triathlete” while keeping a straight face, and maybe post some random pictures of stuff I’m knitting

Top Signs that Someone Might Be Trying to Sabotage Your Workout

1. Your iPod library is suddenly full of toddler tunes and ABBA.

2. Your favorite running shoes have been mysteriously filled with Play-Doh.

3. On Tuesday (or Long Run Day, on my calendar), your preschooler decides he never wants to go to school ever again, and throws the mother of all tantrums as you’re trying to get him out the door.

4. You show up for a swim only to find that the pool just shut down for the second time this week because someone decided to skip putting their kid in a swim diaper “just this once.” (By all that is holy, that will NEVER be me!!!)

5. The ridiculous number of steep hills on the first half of your new running route is surpassed only by the number of insanely steep hills on the second half.

6. You have an unexpected weekend morning to yourself, the weather outside is sunny and perfect, and the bike’s ready to go…But you somehow find that Lifetime is showing a Project Runway marathon, and you just started knitting a new sweater.

© Joji Locatelli

By the way, this sweater pattern, which is threatening to distract me from all other duties, is available here.


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2 thoughts on “Top Signs that Someone Might Be Trying to Sabotage Your Workout

  1. kruzmeister on said:

    I have ABBA on my iPod!!! LOL but no Play-Doh in my running shoes! – Simone 🙂

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