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In which I contemplate absurd moments in parenthood, occasionally attempt to refer to myself as a “triathlete” while keeping a straight face, and maybe post some random pictures of stuff I’m knitting

My Daily Dose of Nature, and Some Other Random Stuff

I was about 6 miles into a 7-mile run, heading through the park, when nature treated me to the amazing sight of a red-tailed hawk perched on the ground just a few yards in front of me. My first thought? “Thank you, nature, for treating me to this beautiful wildlife encounter.” My second thought? “Why’s that stupid bird still sitting there when I’m running toward it?” (Though, to be fair, my speed at any distance over 4 miles doesn’t look particularly threatening.) My third thought: “Holy crap, it’s still there! Is it going to try to fight me over something it killed?” Luckily for me, who probably didn’t have the strength to defend myself just then, the hawk flew off when I was within a few yards of it and left me to contemplate just what that pile of fluffy gray feathers used to be.

Other cool nature-y and random stuff I’ve seen on my runs lately:

1. A blue heron (not uncommon, I know, but I love them.)
2. A swan on a lake in the local golf course
3. Two teenage girls carrying large dogs on leashes in their arms (Why are they carrying the dogs when the dogs are on leashes, I wondered…Until I noticed the dogs were very realistic stuffed animals. Then I wondered what the leashes were for.)
4. A large prison-inmate work crew wielding chain saws on either side of the trail I was running on… and the sheriff’s deputy “supervising” them while talking on his cell phone, a good hundred yards away, with his back turned to us.
5. A look of profound pity on the face of the Parks District garbage collector as he watched me run by him in the driving rain.
6. A fluffy gray bird pinning down a red-tailed hawk. (Okay, I made that one up, but I’m hoping I get to see it on a future run…Bird karma, you know?)


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3 thoughts on “My Daily Dose of Nature, and Some Other Random Stuff

  1. Walt and I have just started discussing where meat comes from. This also led to carnivorous animals and the concept of prey. You got to witness it first hand!

  2. kruzmeister on said:

    You can keep the chain gang, but I’ll swap you a kangaroo sighting for a red-tailed hawk! 🙂

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